Tamblingan Lake Destination

Nature tourism recommendations (Lake Bali)

Tamblingan Lake is one of the natural sightseer lodestones. Tamblingan Lake is a lake located on the northern slope of Mount Lesung, Munduk Village area, Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. It is one of the three twin lakes formed by a large caldera.

Tamblingan Lake Area

It is estimated to have an area of about 1,115 km2 with a lake depth of 90 meters. The lake is one of the areas that was designedly not developed into a modern sightseer spot. Because the local community wants to maintain the authenticity and beauty of the lake area, but that does not mean Lake Tamblingan is no less beautiful. Because Tamblingan Lake is quite far from airport, we from Sari Bali Tour are willing to help you.

“Lake Tamblingan, beautiful and unthinkable, maybe that’s the right word to express this lake, like your beautiful and charming self “. – Agus Pranata (visitor).

Around the Tamblingan Lake area there are two temples, namely Embang Temple and Tukang Timbang Temple. Both temples are relics of pre-Hindu communities before the 10th century who settled in the place.

“Lake Tamblingan has a beautiful view and has a tranquil atmosphere in the morning. There is also a large temple that supports the beauty of this lake”. – Fajar Avrilio (visitor).


The position of Tamblingan Lake is strategic and seductive. Many domestic and foreign tourists make this lake for camping or staying with tents. Not only camping, some tourists make Tamblingan Lake for wedding photos and movies, it’s all because Tamblingan has beauty.

“A lake full of beauty and serenity”. – Aan Adhi (visitor)

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